Charcoal bag absorbs odors twice



Charcoal bag absorbs odors twice

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Weight : 50 g
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Product Detail

Product details
- Absorbs musty and unpleasant odors in cars, houses or shoes ️️️
- does not make the coil airton Because the moisture and residues in perfume or air freshener spray will bind to the air coil panel ️️️
- Prevent bacteria and fungi
- No chemicals, fragrances and environmentally friendly.
- Can be placed anywhere as needed
- Nice design with good quality.
- The interior is packed with good quality bamboo charcoal that has been baked with a temperature of 1,000 degrees Celsius, which has a better quality to absorb odors and moisture than general charcoal. ️️️
- no residue
- Service life 3-6 months (depending on usage and humidity)
- Inside the green envelope Contains bamboo charcoal pellets into small round pellets to increase the surface area to have more surface (as in the picture) to absorb odors better. Helps absorb odors or musty odors No matter where you place it in your home, bathroom, kitchen, living room, in your car, wardrobe, shoe cabinet, the bottom of the cat litter box or even the house that has just been painted. It can help eliminate the smell to disappear.

How to use
Placed in a place with an unpleasant smell or a damp place and the product should be exposed to the sun every 1 month.

2. Japanese bag 70g
Charcoal bag for smelling Japanese style
- odor absorbent cloth bag For eliminating musty and unpleasant odors in different areas.
- Contains a mixture of bamboo charcoal and charcoal. Helps absorb various odors very well.
- Suitable for hanging in wardrobes, lockers, shelves for blankets and bedding, etc.
- Size : 7 x 3 x 16 cm.
- Color : Grey/Black (the inside is different only different bag color)

3. Box + battery buy 1 get 1 free
Absorbs musty smells in the refrigerator, used in the car
Product details
- It's a plastic box. packing deodorant
- Contains black carbon body powder
- Easy to use, just put it in the refrigerator
- Harmless or residue
- put it on the refrigerator door Do not open the lid or do anything at all, this carbon will react to absorb the musty smell out of the refrigerator. And definitely not harmful or have residues attached to food.
Size: 12.5×6×3cm

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