Giffarine Shine Care Waxy Silicone



Giffarine Shine Care Waxy Silicone

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Car wash and car polish from the Giffarine brand.
Provides high efficiency in removing dirt, oil, soot and road grime that is firmly attached to the car surface. Make your car look new, clean, always shiny. with a mixture of biodegradable substances therefore not causing pollution to the environment

How to use:
Mix 5 ml of solution in 4 liters of water, whip until foamy, then spray water to wash off the dust thoroughly. then use a sponge or a cloth moistened with car wash liquid throughout the car Then spray water to rinse the solution completely. Then wipe dry with a soft, clean cloth.
Net Weight :
500.00 ml.
Gross Weight : 581.4 ml.

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