Polla sabun herba 85g

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Polla sabun herba 85g

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Weight : 90 g
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Paula soap, pink, herbal soap, cure acne, blemishes, 

Herbal soap, acne, blemish, Paula, ancient formula
Herbal Soap for against Acne&Blemishes Polla Original Formula

7 days ready to prove Take a classy shower Smooth skin, bright, smooth face
Acne is gone, blemish is gone. Good smell.

Is the use of natural herbs to extract and combine with modern technology in the form of
Paula Acne Blemish Herbal Soap for cleansing the face, especially for clean, smooth skin.
Helps reduce oiliness on the face Enriched with aloe vera, skin is soft and moisturized with moisturizer.
help kill bacteria Reduce acne problems with triclosan to help whiten and clear skin.
when used regularly Eliminate sweat odor, body odor

How to use: Use a regular bath at least 2 times a day or as often as needed.
Can be used on both face and body

Paula soap ❤
1.Original formula Paula Whitening (White) 👉 Mix Mahad to help whiten the skin (large lumps).
2.Tamarind formula (red) 👉 face, body skin, white, smooth.
3.Refined herbs recipe (Purple) Removes gum odor, body odor, reduces itching
4 .Rice milk formula (green) 👉 nourish facial skin, body skin, clear and bright.
5. Acne, blemish formula (pink) 👉 prevent acne, blemishes, white face.

Net content 150 g. Big cube, great value.

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