Citra Whitening Soap 110g

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Citra Whitening Soap 110g

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Weight : 8 g
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There are 5 formulas to choose from.
3 things you need to know
☝️Citra new formula soap! Comes with colorful and eye-catching packaging that invites you to add to the basket a lot. There are both orange C&E formula, mixed berry + yogurt, Tanaka, tomato + collagen. and pink pearls, only 48.- per bar
✌️ His specialty is They are soap mixed with scrub beads, vitamin E, 2 in 1, wash as well, scrub the skin as well, plus have soft bubbles, very fragrant, and a lot. Most importantly, the large bar can be used for a long time ~
1. Orange (C&E orange recipe)
Orange 🍊🍊 in the form of a soap, Citra Bar Soap Vitamin C & E Whitening, nourish the skin from extracts in oranges. With vitamin C and E, the skin is smooth, soft, looks radiant, plus the smell of orange, smooth, take a shower and feel satisfied.
2. Green (Tanaka)
- Make the skin look radiant, smooth, reduce dark spots. with vitamin E scrub Does not dry out the skin
- Skin looks radiant and smooth
- Helps reduce dark spots from acne and oiliness on the face
- This recipe smells good.
- Soft foam, easy to rinse
3. Purple (Mixed Berries + Yogurt)
which is interesting It's in the mixberry. Because usually in mixed berries they contain Anti-Oxidant.
That helps restore damaged skin from various pollution, such as dust, smoke, all that have to face each day.
remove dead skin cells Makes dull skin back to be radiant with aura
It's not enough! Because another extract, which is yogurt, is in this bar of soap.
It will help nourish our skin to look bouncy, moisturized, and look younger as well, which is good.
Other than that, there are tamarind extracts, rice milk and AHA like the previous recipe.
After introducing the two items
It's time to try it out. Let's prove that it's as good as I've been told or not!
Wash it as usual on both arms.
There are quite a lot of bubbles, soft, not cut the skin.
The more you wash it, the softer the smell. both scents
This is up to each person who likes what kind of scent they like, which formula.
After that, we go wash it off. I'd say it's easy to wash out.
is that the skin is still quite hydrated.
4. Red (tomato + collagen)
Make the skin look radiant, healthy, gently exfoliate dead skin cells. with ingredients and value from tomatoes with vitamin E scrub Does not dry out the skin
- Helps clear skin
- Helps skin look healthy, not dry and tight.
- Smells better than the Thanaka formula, fresh, fragrant, smooth, good smell.
- Soft foam, easy to rinse
5. Pink (Pink Pearl)
CITRA PEARL WHITENING SOAP Citra soap, pearl powder, whitening, pearl powder scrub • Helps the skin to be smooth, soft, glowing with aura
• Helps to exfoliate skin cells. And revealing new skin, Citra Soap, Pearl Powder, Whitening Scrub to make your skin look radiant, moisturized, glowing, juicy. And exfoliate skin, revealing new skin without making the skin dry and tight. Can be used every day, both on the face. and the body can be used for a long time Does not dissolve quickly - Natural scrub and AHA gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

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