how to order

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how to order

 how to order

How to order

1. Choose your product, you can select the product you want to order by clicking the button. “Add to Cart” or if you want to select the products to keep and add products later click on the button "Add to Favorites", here you need to log in first. so that the system will save the product in “Interested Product”

2. Check the list of products. You can check or edit the list of products you want to order on the page. “My Cart”, then click on the button. “Purchase Orders” to process order

3. Choose to make a purchase order. You can choose as follows. When you shop until you're satisfied, press the "Pay" button to go to the next ordering process. Then, log in to the system if you are already registered. or apply for a new member order confirmation Then fill in the shipping address (only for the first time). Once all information is filled in correctly, press the "Continue" button until you reach the "Confirm Order" button.
4. Choose a shipping method There are 2 shipping options, Express and Standard, for each shipping method. distance will be calculated and the weight of the product from your order confirmation (You can read more details on the page “Delivery notification”)

5. Choose a payment method. You can choose a variety of payment methods, such as cash on delivery. Credit/Debit Card or via online system or via PayPal and when you're ready to pay and place your order. Click on the button “Purchase”.
***Please notify or send us the payment slip via email to let us know***

6. Email Order Confirmation Once you have completed your order, you will receive an email to confirm your order. payment method bill on delivery Pay at the cash on pick up point, please click "Order Confirmation Link" at the link attached to the email.

***Within 24 hours if you do not take action. within the stipulated time of your order. will be canceled automatically***

We will inform you of the parcel number via email once we have shipped the item.

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